Konnichi wa! image My Name is Daria, alias Hikari Kiyomori, which means "Light virgin Forest" in Japanese. I'm born in 1996 in Poland and living in Germany since I was 5 years old. I already done my A-Levels and like to study Arts next year image image All in all I'm a cosplayer and blogger, I like to share my life, my ideas, my work and my happiness with people who're interested in image You can find the link to my fb site at the end of this post and also the links to my partner shops 

I hope you'll like my page! Feel free to look trough image I'm happy about every person who likes what I'm doing, because it's a lot of fun for me and much motivating to see people are interested in my work image

For more Information about me and my site look through image image

~ A little Light in the World.. a complicated happy girl living her life (。^ω^。)ノ image Love, Hikari image