You're interested in what my page is about? (*´▽`*)Then let me write a little list what subjects you can find here 

Anime  Manga image Cosplay image

Creativity  Make-Up  Photography & Photoshop 
Japan  Products, Lifestyle, Food 
Music  Games  RPG image Dressing, Outfits.. 
Neko  Reviews image Life  read "live" the other way.. yeah.. e v i l  (。-`ω´-)/ 


And I would like to tell you why I chose "Hikari Kiyomori" as my Blogger - Name.. It's a bit complicated, but well..
I chose the name because of the way I'm thinking.. I.. see the world.. myself.. the people around me.. The Art Psychology...

It's like the light.. you see just a clean shining.. but there's more behind it.. a rainbow.. and much more.. things we couldn't see.. you can't touch it even it's everywhere.. Day and Night.. when you're eyes brightly open to the world or closed at a inner moment close to yourself, your soul, your love and friends and family

And a virgin Forest.. untouched.. it's like every human likes to feel about himself.. being totally untouched by anything.. being just himself.. purely designed by the 

unreachable ideal.. but a great view on ourselves and the world around us