Konnichi wa minna-san! \(。・ω・)ノ
I'm so excited to present you my first sponsored Uniqso Circle Lenses! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

First I want to say Thanks to Uniqso for the sponsoring! I think it's very kind supporting people like me and other cosplayers with also a such kind and cute service*-*




1. General ~


I got the Circle Lenses "Barbie Love Blue" from Uniqso.

They have a diameter of 16,2 mm, so they're the biggest ones before the really huge 22 mm ones.

They cost 12,29€ or 16,90$, so it's very cheap for such a good quality.

And don't forget when u got them because you can wear them for 12 months ~ no longer!


Look (^o^)/♥ [And don't forget the 10% Off-Code "Hikari" ^-^]





2. Package \(^ヮ^)/♥


The package is a very cute little box, kindly designed and worth to behold♥

The circle lenses were in glasbottles which I first had to dicover how to open them ヾ(-_-;) but after this success I was happy to take them out and put them into the colour-suitable case, which has a nice "diamont" design.


3. Wearing ~

These are my second circle lenses and they were really easy to put in, also very comfortable. First you feel them, like every circle lenses but just after a short time you can even forget you're wearing them ヾ(^ヮ^;)...

Putting in is like, you don't have to be gentle, you can really use two fingers to hold them into your eye until it doesn't stick out anymore ~ or maybe I can do this because I'm not touchy in my eyes ^-^'♥


4. Look ~ (。・//ε//・。)

I didn't know how bright they would be, and they're really bright when u realize that I have really dark brown eyes! it looks very natural, even they're little hearts in it ^-^♥ They're really really big, so first I felt like an alien looking into the mirror \(XOX)/... But with a little Make.Up they can look big but also natural, so you get a nice dolly and cute effect [My BF couldn't resist^-^]♥


5. Barbie Love Blue.. Ideas♥

One more time thanks to Uniqso for giving me such freedom of choice which circle lenses I like to have^-^!

I already had the Idea of a broken Hatsune Miku, because I already liked to cosplay her ~♥ And then I got the idea that because she's a computer-made Vocaloid, she can't be broken, just distracted into pixels.. but they can be always be put together again.. they're undestroyable.. like..


Love.. ♥ And being in Love right now with my last boyfriend again showed me that love can't be destroyed.. it's simply just can don't excist, but when it's  there, then it won't disappear anymore.

Here you can see the result of this Make-Up ~_~' I hope you like it♥